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Avalon Hosting Services | November 13, 2017

Refining a keywords list is one of the most crucial and time-consuming parts of handling a pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign. Any marketer working with PPC will, at some point, be questioned by a client about reasons of bidding on brand-related keywords. “Why should we spend on brand related keywords when we already show up on the top of organic listing?” What are Brand Related Keywords? Brand related keywords are keywords which involve a specific brand or business. For example if “football boots” is a non-brand related keyword, then “Nike football boots” would be a brand related keyword. Other variations, such as “Nike home page”, “Nike sale”, “Nike nearest store” and “Nike return policy” are also example of brand-related keywords. Now, let’s go deeper into the reasons for bidding on brand-related keywords. 1. To improve quality score Brand related keywords are amazing. They tend to have a much higher click through rate (CTR) and a much lower cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA). CTR is the key variable in determining quality score in Google AdWords. AdWords accounts with a history of high CTR tend to enjoy the benefit of higher ad rank and lower CPCs.   2. To boost credibility Previous studies indicate that websites appearing simultaneously in the first position for both paid and organic searches are more reliable as far as web users are concerned. These websites tend to gain up to approximately 50% incremental traffic compared to other websites. 3.To gain control of landing page Organic results might not send searchers to the most relevant landing pages. By creating brand related keyword campaign on PPC, you can have full control of your landing page. This is ideal for updating customers about your promotional discount or seasonal offer. 4. To gain control of sitelinks appearance Google’s algorithm decides which organic sitelink appear, and even whether they appear at all. Unlike organic sitelink, you tend to have more control over your PPC sitelink. You can insert high converting brand promotion sitelinks together with location extension to maximise your potential. You can also perform A/B testing to identify the best landing page and sitelink combination. 5. To set higher barrier to competitor bidding Defence is another reason for bidding on your own brand related keywords. Your competitors could bid on these keywords to appear in the space above the organic listing and steal your traffic. Bidding on your own brand related keywords will create a higher barrier for competitors. As long as you have a good ad copy with a relevant landing page in place, it’s going to be difficult your competitor to sustain their campaign before their quality score is 1. 6. To capture high quality lead People who are searching for branded terms are generally more likely to be further into the buying cycle than someone who is searching for the general term. These people are likely to have heard about your brand from positive word of mouth, or they have been browsing on your website before. Summary There are many benefits of brand-related keywords bidding. Branded terms may not always be suitable for you depending on the industry, brand and budget you are working with.